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Olivia and Brook from FoxVale Homes answer questions about business, life and their future aspirations.  

Q: For people who don’t know “Brook and Olivia” - what should they know?

A: We are married! I know, I know, we are crazy to work together. But after being together for over 10 years, having 3 beautiful boys, 2 dogs and renovating what feels likes a million homes together... why not?


Q: What was the inspiration behind FoxVale Homes?

A: I (Olivia) have always had a strong passion for interior decorating. When Brook and I got married, we had a very small budget to make our first house work. I loved the challenge of finding ways to recreate the “look” for less. We couldn’t hire contractors, so Brook rolled up his sleeves and got to work! We found that together, our style and cost-effective approach gained many compliments and helped us profitably sell our houses. It made sense to turn our passion into a business.

Q: So three are you managing life and the business?

A: Well, some days are better than others!  We have always leaned on a group of friends and family that help us with the day-to-day...we call them our village.  Those extra hands and remembering to update our schedules allow us to focus on the business while raising the kiddos.  

Q: Every design shop has a style, what is yours?

A: Our style would be something like French-Country, Modern-Farmhouse, Chic. We like traditional pieces, combined with a comfortable, “lived-in” look, but there always has to be a contrasting element. We like to mix old with new, incorporating statement pieces that are conversation starters. Our goal is to work with our clients to define their personal style and bring it to life.

Q: What kind of services does FoxVale Homes offer?

A: We offer Interior Design and Decorating, including Staging; Renovations and Woodworking.

Q: So are you going to be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines?

A: Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Our life is pretty crazy...our kids are usually screaming, I tend to swear more than I should, and we stay calm by throwing back a couple of drinks. So, we are very different from Chip and JoJo, but we wouldn’t say no to a multi-million dollar empire!

Q: If someone wants to work with you or order furniture what should they do?

A: Email us! Call us! Facebook Message or DM us! 

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