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Home Decorating - The Biggest Mistake you're Making!

If you are here, reading this post, then you must be thinking, "what is my biggest mistake?? Am I using the wrong color scheme? Did I pick the wrong side tables? Should I not be using area rugs?"

Actually, I am sure you are fine in all of those areas! The biggest mistake is thinking that you need to spend a ton of money to create a beautiful space. I LOVE, I mean LOVE #RestorationHardware, #PotteryBarn, #Ballard, #Pierone ... the list could go on and on! But, sometimes I don't have the budget to purchase all the pieces I love. Sometimes, I need to create the look for less. I have spent what feels like a lifetime mixing more pricey items with inexpensive items and I have learned how to make this approach work in any room for any occasion. Believe me, we can make anything work with the right mix of pieces. Let me show you...

One of our clients needed to restyle her entryway. Her budget, like most of us, was not huge. We partnered to determine her desired style and then got to work! The entire entryway, including my consultative time, furniture, rug, accessories and pulling some items she already had cost in total $1,072. I wanted to walk you through the cost-break down and step-by-step of how I stylized the space, but I won't keep you waiting! Click on the video to check out start to finish (and if you are still interested...scroll down to see all the details :))

How FoxVale Homes designs a space

Step 1: What do you want?

I like to have an initial conversation with my client about the space we are working on. I usually ask the following questions:

How do you intend to use the space? I then have them walk me through what that looks like in detail. "I probably will drop my keys and mail here when I walk in, but I like to think that I could grab a magazine, sit down, and take a breather whilst soaking up the natural light."

How do you want to feel or your guests to feel in the space? For some this may be too "touchy/feely", but our emotions drive decisions. Understanding how someone wants to feel in their environment helps me design the space to ultimately obtain the vibe she wants. "I want to feel good every time I walk through the entryway. It want to feel like the first thing I see or my guests see sets a positive tone. I want this space to feel connected to the other main living spaces in my home. I want my guests to feel welcomed. I want them to think, this is a comfortable, yet sophisticated environment."

What type of style and brands do you like? Often people don't know how to describe their style, so I find pictures are the best way to gain that insight. I will ask my client to share some images from #pinterest that they like or inspire them. Believe it or not, sometimes a picture of a purse, scarf, or sweater can help determine her home style. Brands that she likes can also be helpful. For example Lucky has a very different style/vibe than let's say Gucci. All of this initial conversation plays into the approach we take.

Inspiration for Entryway.  Pink and Blue Turkish Rug.
Inspiration for Entryway. Authentic Turkish Rug.

Step 2: Mood Board

A mood board is a visual depiction of the feeling or "mood" of the space. It captures the color scheme and the style we are trying to achieve. The space will never look exactly like the mood board, but it will feel related. If you put the mood board next to a picture of the designed and styled space - they should feel similar - like beautiful sisters :)

A mood board is the first step to aligning with our clients
This mood board tells us that we are going for a Bohemian vibe with a mix of modern french chic

Gorgeous Blondes
My sisters!! Case and point :)

These are my beautiful sisters—case and point!

Step 3: Curate

This is the best part!! I love the challenge of finding furniture and accessories that match the mood board AND are at the right price point. I have been collecting items for some time and can tap into our FoxVale collection, which is super cost-effective (fully admitting my shameless plug). I also frequent our local antique shops - my favorite is Made in the Shade in Andover, NJ. If I see a piece and the shape (and/or price) is right, but the color isn't what we are going for, I can always paint it (like we did here). For this entryway, I mixed 2 Annie Sloan chalk paint colors together and topped the paint with a black wax, giving it this deep turquoise look. When I was on site, I felt the corbels would pop if they were darker, so I rubbed some black wax on them before hanging them up. I also used some of my client's existing items; repurposing what you have can keep costs down as well.

The cost breakdown

Rug = $410

Table = $100

Chair (FoxVale Collection)= $60

Corbels (FoxVale Collection)= $40

Mirror = $65

Wrought Iron Window (FoxVale Collection) = $40

Small succulent (Target) = $7

FoxVale Homes Styling: consultation, mood board & curation = $350

Existing items: Rose Scarf, White and Pink Blanket, Lamp, Bowl, Topiary, Lantern, Crate, and Flowers

Total = $1072

Thank you for following our journey! If you enjoyed this post - tell us about it. Leave a comment or like it.

Talk soon!

- Olivia

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